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Zero Waste Wheat Straw Face Dermaplaning Tool (3 pcs)


Its easier than ever to give yourself a dermaplane facial at home to rejuvenate your skin. The process is incredibly low-key and convenient using our dermatology grade blades made of stainless steel.

... and No, the hair WON'T grow back thicker


Skincare experts and beauty lovers now swear by face shaving for achieving smooth skin, claiming it gets rid of dull skin cells and fine hair, and makes skin appear softer and more even in tone and texture

✔️ BYE-BYE PEACH FUZZ – Quickly remove any facial hair in minutes. The small, foldable blade makes it practical and easy to safely transport the razor in any purse, pocket, bag so it is there to use whenever a touch-up is required.

✔️ SKIN EXFOLIATION - The blade has an exfoliating effect as it gently removes dead skin cells and thus provides a clean base for applying your makeup and cream to get your DAZZLING look and feel!

✔️ SUPER EASY TO USE AT HOME – The precision shaver blades easily removes unwanted hair on all area’s of the face whether it’s the eyebrow, forehead, cheeks, lips and chin. It helps refine, freshen and revive the appearance of your skin.

✔️SAFE AND EFFECTIVE TO GET YOUR GLOW – Do not worry about sensitive skin. The non-invasive derma blade hair remover is the safest for personal home skin care use and by beginners for face , eye brow, upper lip areas.



  • You can use skincare when shaving their face, usually nourishing facial oils and serums to help the razor glide across skin with ease. 
  • Hold the dermaplaner blade at a 45-degree angle and gently brush down the skin in the same direction of hair growth.
  • Avoid going over the same area multiple times as this will only increase the risk of compromising the skin barrier or causing irritation
  • Do not dermaplane directly over acne or irritated skin. Repeat every 3/4 weeks or once skin cell rejuvenation has completed.


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            Customer Reviews

            Based on 496 reviews
            Ozzie Wunsch

            I do not have a lot of hair growth but these are so precise and cut so close they are excellent for shaving any stray hairs from your face or sensitive areas. They cut much closer which gives your face a smoother nurse without shaving away all of your moisture. After using a moisturize heavily and my skin actually gets the benefit of the facial products. What I like about these is that they are a lot wider than most and the others I have used do not cut as consistently. These last a long time and I have one at all times in my purse my work desk my car. They are so incredibly handy especially with summer coming up and trips to the beach.

            Cecil O'Hara

            Bought these for at home dermaplaning since I’m unable to get it done professionally right now

            They are great quality and good value for money

            They were really easy to use, even for a first timer like me. They gave great results and although they weren’t quite salon quality results, I was very happy and will definitely be using these more

            Juwan Howe

            These razors work SO well for dermaplaning! They’re very inexpensive so I use them a few times and then throw them out. Definitely use some type of oil so the razor glides over your skin, and pull your skin taut. You will be amazed, grossed out, and so oddly satisfied with the sheer amount of hair and dead skin that you will remove the first time you dermaplane with Tinkles!! I use these on my whole face and upper neck, once every two weeks usually. They work great, my friends and I all love them.

            Monserrate Renner

            Oh my goodness, this is the best product ever!!! I learned about it through and IG personality. I never thought of shaving my face and am not a hairy person but learned that makeup goes on much smoother and I no longer have to wax or tweeze using this product. It's amazing what removing peach fuzz can do for your complexion! And no, your hair doesn't grow back dark or course. I use it after I wash my face and it seems to offer a bit of exfoliant as well. You will love it! It's also small enough that you can turn it and angle it to get all surfaces on your face. I think it was made for eyebrows exclusively but I use if for my entire face!

            Gabriella Kreiger

            These razors are popular for a reason. They help shave the face in such a way that the regrowth is not as noticeable for a while. (For me about 2 weeks). Mind you, I don’t have very dark or thick facial hair, but enough that I would bother to shave it. It makes all the difference in smoothing your face for makeup application, making one appear younger and providing slight exfoliation.