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Skinbae Premium Mermaid Wand 33mm



Unlike single barrel styling irons that take ages to curl hair, Skinbae Beach Wave Wand is the perfect tool for creating natural-looking mermaid, shiny, bouncy, epic waves in seconds! 

Simply clamp down and release for instant, big, lush, even waves. The perfect solution for babes who struggle to curl or wave their hair.


✔️Exclusive edition – our exclusive design waves your hair 50% faster than other wavers on the market. Clamp your hair and hold for 3-5 seconds to create a smooth, luxe wave.

✔️Super easy to use– simply clamp down and release. 360-degree swivel and tangle-free cord, non-slip handle, and insulated barrel tips to provide safety.

✔️Advanced ceramic barrels – high-grade ionic ceramic barrels to protect your hair from unnecessary damage. The waver will seal cuticles, infuse moisture, eliminate frizz and create shine.

✔️Multiple heat settings Adjustable temperature between 80°C & 210°C

✔️Three XL barrels – create big bouncy waves with the largest waver barrels on the market

✔️Advanced heat technology – within 60 seconds the hair waver will be ready for glam

✔️Heat resistant soft-touch handle – for easy styling + lush waves

✔️Auto-shut off – automatically turns off after one hour



    Step 1. PREP

    Hair should be clean, dry and free of tangles before using. Rest the iron on its stand on a smooth, heat-resistant flat surface, and plug it in. Press and hold the ON/OFF button until the unit turns on and the ‘ON’ indicator lights up. Adjust the temperature using the left and right buttons to reach your desired heat. For healthier styling we suggest using 180°C/360°F heat setting unless you have very course/thick hair.

    Step 2. WAVE

    Start by dividing hair into sections with grip clips. Smaller sections will create more defined waves. Taking one section at a time, start at the top close to the roots and clamp the hair, making sure that the hair is evenly placed inside the barrels. Be careful not to touch the scalp with the tool. Hold for 2-5 seconds. Hold for less time if hair is easy to curl, or if you want less defined waves. Once you have released your first clamp, re-clamp the top barrel of the waver on to the last wave bend. You want to overlap each wave with your waver to create a seamless wave from roots to ends. Repeat this process through to the ends over the whole head. 

    Step 3. DONE

    Once you have finished waving, make sure the hair has completely cooled down before touching to allow it time to set.

    Step 4. STORE

    To turn off, press and hold down the power off button until it reads ‘OFF’. For your safety, the tool will auto shut-off after 60 minutes. Allow tool to cool down completely before stowing away. Make sure to wipe down the tool after use to avoid product build up on tool.


    • Safety stand on all heat tools must be used at all times.
    • All heat tools should only be placed on heat-resistant material.
    • Allow all heat tools to cool down before stowing away.
    • Heated appliances should only be rested on heat proof surfaces.


    We offer a Risk-free 30-day warranty. If you aren't in love with your purchase, just let us know within 30 days of delivery, and you'll receive a STRESS-FREE. Refund or Exchange. 

    We have 24/7/365 email support. Contact us if you need help!

      Customer Reviews

      Based on 172 reviews
      Rosalia Hilll
      Created the beachy waves I was looking for!

      I really love this three barrel curling iron. It easily gave me the waves I was looking for. I thought I was going to have difficulties using it, but I didn’t! Make sure you read the directions and watch the tutorials for success! I also love the extra accoutrements … The hair clips and heat mat are a nice touch. Definitely recommend!

      Dereck Lebsack
      Amazing product!!

      This product works very well! It has multiple different temperatures and fits well in your hand. For someone with natural body to their hair, it gives you that very nice beach wave (blonde hair). For someone you had very straight, heavy hair, you get more of a short lasting, light wave (brown hair). The product came with a silicone mat, heat glove, and 2 hair clips. Overall, very happy with this product!

      Harold Deckow

      Reason I prefer this over my Bed Head waver
      1. Less bulky. My BH waver is harder to maneuver when I'm doing the back of my head and I end up burning my neck.
      2. This waver gives smaller softer waves. To be fair, I think BH offers a smaller size than the one I have. The size of this particular waver is perfect and doesn't shrink my hair up too much
      3. DIGITAL TEMPERATURE GAUGE!!!! I am visually impaired and have a hard time reading the rolling dials most curlers and flat irons use, including BH. This one has a well lit digital screen so I never struggle to read what setting I'm on. My hair is over processed and can fry in an instant on a setting that it too hot.
      Overall, I like this product and it has become my primary styling tool. I've used it steadily for three weeks and have had no issue.

      Claire Price

      I have very fine, flyaway hair and just got a cut that is shorter than I'd like with too-choppy layers. I was looking for something that would give me some wave without losing any length (curling irons make it look shorter) and this is absolutely perfect! Gives a nice beautiful wave that blends my layers in - it looks nice and neat, and no length at all is lost. I love this!!!

      Micheal Stark
      Great wave curler!

      Worked great for my hair! Love the wavy look it gave me!! Now my go to hair waver!