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Skinbae Original Ice Roller

Cold therapy is nothing new; Hollywood stars have been dunking their faces in sinks full of ice water since the days of black and white film because they believed that the freezing cold water helped get rid of puffy eyes, redness, and temporarily tighten the skin - and they were right.

Tell fine lines, wrinkles, and inflammation to “chill out!” The Skinbae Ice Roller soothes puffy, tired, or irritated skin and is incredibly relaxing! 


  • Use it in the mornings to firm, tighten & lift your skin
  • It prevents wrinkles. UM YES.
  • Perfect for getting rid of zits. It cools the irritated area, and makes zits appear smaller.
  • It LEGIT shrinks your pores.
  • Reduces swelling and puffy eyes.
  • Great for reducing redness after an eyebrow or upper lip wax.


❄️ Restore glowing skin Cold therapy is nothing new and it is proven to get rid of puffy eyes, redness, and tighten the skin. You’ll be breathing oxygen back into your skin, resulting in one bright, healthy glow. Even better, sufficient blood flow puts a damper on the dulling effects of aging.

❄️ A Lifted Effect and Refreshes - Our Ice Roller features a flowing and streamlined design best fit for neck and facial contour lines replicate deep kneading actions. Helps firm and tighten skin for radiance.

❄️Tighten your Pores - Roll on skin after moisturizer to improve the appearance of pores, smooth texture, and brighten skin. Tone and texture are improved, fine lines and wrinkles will vanish.

❄️ Instant Pain Relief – cold therapy relieves the instant pain, irritation and muscle tension for any minor injury, burn; minimize irritations and redness. Massage on your eye and temple to relax and relieve fatigue. 

❄️ Convenient – Skinbae Ice Roller is compact, lightweight and an instant way to reap the benefits of cold therapy and bypass the mess and discomfort of an “ice cube facial”. It is easy to clean and disinfect, just rub it with alcohol or with mild soap and water.


Ice Roller Instruction



  1. Do not use on wounded skin tissue
  2. Store in a cool place
  3. Do not heat this product


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Customer Reviews

Based on 132 reviews
Tavares Huel
Love it

I use this ice roller in my esthetician treatment room after extractions, peels and/or waxing. My clients love it! It drastically reduces inflammation and swelling...thereby leaving the skin in a much healthier state than if I didn't use it. I actually prefer this to my magic globes because of the ease of rolling over the skin. Globes tend to skip/jump if the skin is not properly lubricated with a lot of product. I can apply a calming colloidal oatmeal masque (in powder form) or other setting masque and simply roll right over it. If it is too chilly for your client...simply put a damp esti wipe on the skin as a barrier. Very easy to clean and disinfect between clients.

Mack Quigley

Love how it cools my face!

Elyssa Kerluke

I have awful migraines. When I have a migraine I like to have something cold on my face and head. This does the trick! It’s soothing to rub it along my forehead when my head hurts so bad!

Elna Bechtelar
Great for redness and helps with migraines

I use this whenever I feel tired, and always after I’ve cleansed my face. I use rubbing alcohol to clean it after use and then put it back in the freezer in it’s own ziplock. I notice it’s helped with the redness in my face and it also helped when I’ve had migraines. It starts behind my eye so I roll it over whichever side of my head is in pain and it seems to help.

Maya Mueller
First time using this and I’m pleasantly surprised

Extremely affordable and feels great on my face right when i wake up in the morning!! I can feel the difference after a couple of rolls along my puffy eyes and face. It soothes my puffiness with the cold but Bearable feeling. And it does stay cool for a good amount of time. Best thing is its not a watery mess. I read other reviews about people complaining that the handle is plastic and cheap.... COME ON people YOURE paying LESS than $20.00 for this what do you expect?? Top of the line material??