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Silicone Brush Cleaner - Color Varies


Do you know that without cleaning your makeup brushes, it gathers more bacteria than your toilet brushGROSSSSS!! Regular cleaning of your makeup brushes is critical to avoid accumulation and reduce the possibility of skin irritation, infections and acne build-up. 

✔️Skinbae Original Silicone Brush Cleaner gently helps clean makeup, oil and impurities from all your makeup brushes.


YES! ABSOLUTELY! Don't damage your expensive brushes cleaning the old fashion way. Our Makeup Brush Cleaner is safer on your bristle and it helps keeping your makeup brushes looking new and clean for a long time! ❤️

why clean brush


✔️ HIGH QUALITY - Our brush cleaner is made with high quality, durable and soft silicone. It is just a very useful tool to clean any of your makeup brushes.

✔️ UNIQUE DESIGN -The width of the opening is 2 inches which is perfect for three fingers to fit in easily and to hold the items tightly. The tiny granules are used for cleaning small brushes and the stripes are designed for larger makeup brushes. 

✔️ CONVENIENT - Small size for travel and stands upright to keep right by your sink



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        Customer Reviews

        Based on 224 reviews
        Jameson Kertzmann

        There was nothing wrong with this product at all. It came in very nice packaging. They were very nice and clean. I really liked this product!

        Kaylie Beatty

        I had been hearing about brush cleaners like this for a while and never really looked into them. I thought "how different can this be than hand washing them?". Turns out, very different. These little things are a life saver! They clean brushes thoroughly and efficiently. I was shocked by how much product came out of my brushes and It takes me half the time that it used to. Its a life saver for a brush covered in staining, hard to remove makeup products (like lipsticks and eyeliners). It's a must buy for any makeup addict.

        Kacey Rowe
        Game changer

        This is great! It’s like a washboard for your makeup brushes. I just washed mine and they are almost like new again. I used to just wet them, soak them in a small cup with water and dish soap, and then I’d have to rub rub rub forever on a cloth or paper towel. This was so fast. As soon as you start rubbing the brush on the pad you see all the makeup coming off. And then after just a few strokes it’s all clean! I will definitely keep my brushes cleaner now since it’s so quick and easy. I just used water and dish soap.

        Ian Gusikowski
        I bought these because i've never cleaned makeup brushes before ...

        I bought these because i've never cleaned makeup brushes before since I just started playing around with it. Let me start by saying that these are perfectly made and durable. I have been using mine nonstop and it works miracles. I kept one and gave me friend the other since I figured I didn't need two for the amount of cleaning i was doing. These egg cleaners fit 3 of my fingers and are hold steady while you clean your brushes. I would buy again or as a gift.

        Alysa Haley
        A must have beauty tool!

        It’s perfect and useful. I used Dial soap to clean my brushes. After rubbing the brush with Dial soap, I rub the brush on my hand to remove makeup from the brush. After using the Brush Cleaner tool, there was no makeup residue on the brushes. I’ve never seen my brushes this clean.